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  As sterotypical as this might seem,  studying abroad sure does have its perks.
And while it is fast becoming a trend among young people to want to at some point, venture into studying abroad, (even for the wrong reasons, you'd have to admit the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages).
   As an undergrad or graduate student looking to either continue or commence studies abroad, duobts spring up in mind,  "Is it worth the stress? ",  "Am I even ready for this phase in my life yet? ",  "Do I really need to study abroad? " etc. And like the fairy godmother in a Disney movie,  I'm here to rescue you from your worries :  "tah  dah! " (flashes magic wand).
With that, I present to you a break down of five important reasons you'd need to back up your decision to study abroad;
   Studying in an entirely foreign country helps in expanding an individual's view on both global and local issues affecting not only the individual but the hosting and country of origin. Hence, the term, "global citizen" comes into the picture. (A Global Citizen is simply one who senses the need to belong to the world community and works towards improving world standards).
   Exposure to entirely different problem solving approaches especially to public issues, teaches an exchange student a lesson or two in proper management of decision making and a more open minded scope of thoughts.
    Internationally schooled students in comparison roughly, to the locally trained ones tend more to approch problems easily and more flexible than their counterparts who are used to a particular way of solving certain issues.
  Culture and religion are few of man's problems believes certain philosophers. According to popular belief, a huge chunk of the world's problems are deeply based on religion. And often times, due to lack of understanding or tolerance for other religions.
  That been stated,  you've got to admit that meeting and interacting with new people greatly serves as a means to get to understand them,  their beliefs,  culture and even religion.
    Studying abroad clearly offers a platform for diversification as people of different races, cultures, religions or beliefs, have to attend the same schools, classes, seminars etc. What more could one ask for when in a peaceful and culturally diverse environ.
   Adding a semester, trimester or more abroad goes a long way in boosting ones CV (Curriculum Vitae) as the hirer understands the level of professional exposure the candidate must have undergone.
   Therefore, in the midst of multitude application for a particular position, such candidate has an edge over other locally trained candidates.
   Of course during one's stay abroad he or she would most likely be living far from immediate family and have to fend for themself. Even though at times (or let's be quite frank most times) challenges suffice and things are hard to come by, we must admit these experiences help build a more independent, more responsible individual with mostly awesome problem solving skill (which the hirer understands as seen in number 3).
    One wouldn't need to call "dad" or "mum" for allowances but would rather get a part time job/jobs to keep up (not with the Kardashians. Lol). 
     What more could one want more than being a totally independent individual? (Well, maybe some few Bentleys to go with).
   No, It doesn't have to always be a sexual relationship.
   As we have seen in number 2: CULTURAL DIVERSIFICATION AND TOLERANCE, we would be meeting a whole lot of people from across the globe and going by human nature, we tend to bond over time. It doesn't matter if you had a negative or ill representation of a particular set of people, you just would have to walk up to them some day and say "hi" or vise versa.
    Bonding is healthy as it not only builds lasting friendships but also  global professional contacts for the future.
      So whether it's for business or personal relationships, or both, either ways it's a win-win for both parties involved.
      And yeah, who wouldn't love to have fun, hang out with friends(old or newly made ) while abroad?
  I know there are tons of reasons unmentioned here but just back your zeal with these really top FIVE  and you'd do great. Trust me studying abroad is not an opportunity you'd want to miss out on (and 3D movies of course).
   All being said, it'd be silly of me not to wish you luck in your quest to study abroad. REMEMBER: You have your whole life ahead of you (figuratively that is) and the major reason for studying abroad is to learn more,  please do not forget this and lose focus.
   Have a brilliant time chasing your dreams.
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