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It was how important
you wanted for this to be,
how enormous
you wanted the wounds_
dented flesh, drawing blood,
horrific screams, calling pain,
quiet wimps, pleading for help .
It is how even after these years
you now wish for a guide.
But to where and from what start?
When reluctantly, you
pleaded for this calm to go,
you did not want peace.
At least not then.
It was the chaos you craved for,
the stampede,
the many to fall,
And see,
It was as you wanted it to be.

You played the hero,
neglected a few broken troops.
You wished for the voice over
the radio,
the collected voice
to say this whole affair was over,
that's it had been a hoax,
that those who fell,
did so for nothing,
that the visible bones were
in vain, the hunger,
we bore,
that the children with their
large eyes could
close them,
sleep soundly and belge
after their dinners.
That we should not have bothered
fixing things we knew could not be fixed.
Divisions we created
and magnitudes of tribes,
chants we all longed to hum
and dances for the slow repair
of our souls,
that which we lost,
or never even had.
It was as you wanted it to be.

Why give up now?
Why now?
Why not at the beginning?
Why make us accept this was
our fate?
Why puncture the little we
believed in?

Now you throw us to the dust,
kicking our butts like dogs
with your boots.
It is as you always wanted it to be.

I bet I know
deep down,
inside of you,
it is not as you wanted it.

You leave us all confused
running around words in circles,
until they get smaller
swallowing us with them.
Making a joke out of what we
lived for,
what our sons and brothers died for,
what our sisters cried for.
we accept this_
this nonsense we have not come
to understand,
we accept this strange peace,
expecting the worse to come,
knowing the worse is near,
This time, ready.

It is you we pity,
for you had the power,
but misused it.
You toyed with the
large millions of us
till you checked up.
you will be a god
without a believer,
you will live among us,
we will come for you,
in our numbers,
we will make you pay
for the wasted years of
our lives.
We will soil your soul
like you did our's_
leaving it
in black and white.

Leaving your soul
in unattended pieces.


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