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"Tito get my glasses from my room!" screamed mother as  Kevin Hart was about to put the paws on the other guy I can't really recall his name in the series, "Real Husbands of Hollywood" I had recently downloaded. I sighed and wished that I could block out my mums' voice from my head, God! She was always disturbing, always screaming my name and always sending me on errands and all I wanted was to watch my movies or chat with my bbm friends in peace. Anyways I did have to get up and search for mums' glasses before she screamed my name for the sixth time, back when I was younger, I used to let her call for me till she forgot and called Nnenna, my elder sister, who would slap my cheek when she was through running mums' errands. She used to call me, "Devil pikin" or "cockroach" or any other insect she could remember. These days, Nnenna and I hardly see each other because she's hardly around anymore. Don't imagine the worst, she's just in the UK studying. I love my sister but sometimes, well more than sometimes lately, I've been hating on her. Well, who wouldn't be? She's very pretty, intelligent, fun, popular and always gets what she wants. Nnenna is the kind of person everyone loves because she easily mingles and smiles a lot_ Nnenna is like the "perfect child". Me? Ha-ha, if there is a word for the opposite of Nnenna that would be me, Otito. Yes, you guessed right, my name's Otito  or  Tito for short and if you're smart enough you'd realize that I did not introduce myself properly at first but who cares? Anyways now you know my name and probably that I am a rude person, I'll just go back to the other gist. The reasons I should hate my elder sister. First of, look at my name for Christ's sake! Otito. Yes I know mum always explains that it carries a very strong and spiritual meaning but she doesn't understand that people would likely make fun of me at school or anywhere else for that matter. Trust Kingsley, the class clown to make up a stupid song with my name just to get me upset. Now compared to mine, mum and dad named my elder sister Nnenna a perfectly normal name that fits into the society of the human race. I am ugly! That's number two reason for hating my sister and number three is because my parents have always made her(I mean Antenna), a model to me, which I hate so much. I hate the way my parents make me look up to her and expect I follow her footsteps.
   Back to present day, I went to mums' room and didn't find her glasses there. I went downstairs to the kitchen to meet and tell her I hadn't seen her glasses when bam! There they were, practically less than five feet away from her. "Ah ah mummy, look at the glasses just on the counter there now" I told mum in a strained voice. Mum eyed me up and down and said, "Ehee? Biko bia nyegodim ifaaa", I sighed again, rolled my eyes and snatching the pair of glasses from the counter, stretched my hands to mum's face, "mummy look at your glasses o", I told her in a hasty voice(because I needed to go back to watching my Movie). "Ngwanu put it on my head since you don't know what to do anuofia" mum retorted. I put the glasses on for her which wasn't easy because she didn't stop washing the bitter leaf all through. As I was struggling with mums' glasses, I wondered what next errand she'd send me to...
(to be continued...)

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