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       When we were in Nursery School and we went to school
      with our colourful lunch boxes and water flasks,when we
      watched "Teletubbies", "Barney And Friends" and played with
      our new found friends and pooped in our diapers without a
      care in the world, even when we sang "twinkle twinkle little
      star" and other nursery rhymes in our Personal versions like,
      "tinkle tinkle likle Star!.."without a care in the world; i
      duobt we knew then what we were signing up for. As the years
      dragged by though and we got into Primary School and had to
      cope with more subjects, pass the end-of-the-Term-Exams, wash
      our uniforms and socks, Answer to the teachers' roll-call and
      differentiate between the different bells Rung at intervals, I
      guess we thought that was the highest and toughest the
      education and school thingy could get. But 'N' to the 'O'
      "No!" it wasn't. With Secondary School came the Greatest
      changes in our peers; guys began developing beards, deeper
      voices and oh Yeah_ They started noticing the Girls who grew
      prettier, and began developing nice shapes. So in Addition to
      the numerous subjects, classes, tests and exams we had to be
      noticed at all cost and yeah we did Do some pretty dumb shit
      then. Tertiary Institutions are a different Ball_ or rather

      *coping* game altogether. People from way farther Regions
      coming together for  "supposedly", a common goal_to
      learn. Though Learning at this point is supposed to get
      easier because we decide on a particular discipline and focus
      on that, Err it mostly isn't. Rather the "struggle" begins at
      all Levels, we struggle for Grades, to Fit in, popularity,
      self discovery;and if you're thinking that's all you probably
      mistaken because some others struggle to Fit into the right
      "church". Yes oh even in the church, the struggle continues,
      some fight to gain Positions like, "elder", "minister" etc in
      the church. Please Do not misunderstand, I'm Christian and
      I'm Most definitely not criticizing the church, I am actually
      criticizing the church "fanatics". (I'll leave this church
      gist for another time because the things wey i don see for
      some churches pass my power). Where was I at again? Oh, yes_
      the struggles in higher Institutions: One of the most
      absorbing struggle has to be "fitting in",at least that's
      what I think. Most times i have noticed that when people
      mingle or interact Most of them start losing themselves and
      start becoming the person they always hated to become (i'll
      not go into this too as I'm saving this gist for another
      time), and that's when the popular, "good girl gone bad"
      plays out right in front of your eyes.

        In my mind though, education could have been alot
      easier if these struggles were absent but then again i guess
      it would have been a "bore" without them. Now that's a
      problem i have right there, I always see a two-side to every
      Situation and education is not an exception. If you thinking
      that last sentence about my "being double minded" is bonkers,
      wait till you read this next sentence. I have no freaking
      idea anymore if education is actually the "tough nut", maybe
      if we all concentrated more on the lectures, did our
      Assignments, projects,thesis,Term papers,etc on time, maybe
      if we spent lesser time "jonzing", maybe then education
      wouldn't be all that tough. And maybe I should have chosen a
      different title like, "THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION" or some
      other dumb thingy to write on. And Maybe i shouldn't have used
      the word "dumb" in that last sentence right? Well, Goodnight

      Grace Okogwu


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