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Michael, I love you and my heart skips a beat whenever you hold my hands.." Michael cut me off with a kiss, I'm not talking the regular sloppy kisses most of you get. This Kiss made my knees literally weak and as I was about falling, he caught me, his hands firmly around my waist and he deepened the kiss until I sighed and his chest heaved but our lips never parted.. A sharp smell brought me back to my room, to the lice infested foam Azuka and I shared. The smell became almost unbearable and I had to hold my breathe as I turned to the right. You see, I always face the left whenever I'm sleeping _I guess it's just natural. I'm guessing you should have realized also how tough it'd be for me sleeping facing the right. I relaxed my breathe and tried forcing myself back to my Majid Michael romantic dream. I forced my eyes shut and tried to focus on the dream but all I could see was black_ very thick black,the blackest kind of black with small starry and thread like sparks all over.A loud fart from Azuka brought me out of the blackness my shut eyes were creating and once again the putrid smell filled the room. " Jesus! This stupid idiot wants to kill me this night", I said out loud. I didn't mean to say that though,I didn't mean to curse. I pitied Azuka, he was a boy of six, with very thin face,craw-craw infested head, round tummy and undersized legs. It seemed to be wobbly and couldn't seem to carry his big head and tummy well. It wasn't his fault also that he was farting all night. He had eaten a foul smelling plate of my mothers' version of porridge yam, mixed with potash, bitterleaf and a little ogbono, "to make it taste like soup" my mother had said, "so that Azuka will be eating two meals at once", she continued, giving me a toothy grin as she stirred the foul smelling food in the special pot she used for Azuka, which was also the oldest pot in the house. I kept quiet all through mothers' speech. Not the kind of quiet a child gets when a mother is saying something meaningful, something with a good moral lesson_ no,I was quiet because I didn't want to start a quarrel with her that night. I just wanted poor Azuka to eat something at least, for the day. So I kept quiet even though I was boiling in my mind and the hot vapour was diffusing through my ears. Yes, the vapour was diffusing through my ears.
Isn't that how an angry cartoon character is depicted? So even though I cursed, I pitied Azuka. He didn't deserve to be treated like this. No one did. Not even the man who hit my father and drove off. The Police had called it a regular case of "hit and run" and had promised to track down the driver responsible. Fide my immediate elder brother had said, " kam nu na fa g'achota ya" as soon as the Policemen left and I had eyed him thoroughly and told him to shut up because the Nigerian Police would never fail and that justice must prevail. I also mentioned to him that the rule of Law and the almagamation of the Protectorates were never forsaken in the judiciary(I had no idea what I was saying,We were to be taught "The almagamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates" the following week in Government, but my non-sensical talk sounded convincing enough because my brother kept his mouth shut and I giggled because I felt happy for winning the argument with so little effort and with the faint ideas I had on the subject at that time).Fide was right, Fide is a dummy for believing the almagamation gibberish I had said the other day but he was right,they didn't do a thing. The case was closed ten days later and my fathers' murderer is still out there somewhere; though I really hope he's dead.
 Very rude,it is very very rude of me to burden you with this story without having introduced myself  but you see I'm very angry and whenever I'm angry I tend to forget my manners, so please pardon me. I am MaryAnn(spelt without a hyphen) I've always hated separating my name with a hyphen. It makes me feel like there're two names instead of one and even though my secondary school English language teacher,Mrs Akpabio had taught us about compound nouns in js3 and sited my name as an example, I still do not agree with her opinion. It is my name and I get to decide how I'll spell it. So I am MaryAnn (without a hyphen) thank you very much. Azuka is not as you may be thinking, my brother. He is my step-brother (with a hyphen) and my mother is mean to him. She never fed him on time and she always sent him on difficult errands that my idiotic elder brothers could do with ease. My mother and brothers thought alike most times, they were lazy and awfully mean not to only Azuka but everybody I could recall, Uncle Obinna,Uncle Harrison,Aunty Ginika and Papannukwu Okafor(daddys' father). My father and I were the only ones kind to him and the death of my father left only me responsible and kind enough to look after this poor boy. Frankly, I hold much authority in my family so there was so little I could do to help and that pained me alot. Sometimes my mother beat me up for been nice to Azuka and my brothers made fun of me and knocked my head. I didn't mind the taunting much_ I could deal with it. What I hated was being knocked on the head, it always left my head sounding like a tuneless radio channel, the type the dictionary refers to as "white noise", it was as if someone was resetting a radio but instead of a radio, it was my head.....(to be continued).

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